Cynthia Medina

Head of Innovation & IT Support Training in Pembroke Pines, Florida

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Head of IT Support Training & Innovation Manager by day, and by night a blogger/artsy person looking for creative outlets. Sometimes that may be in the form of a photo, quote, blog article, or what inspires me at the moment and of course with the help of some gadget.

I'm known as a self-starter, life long learner, creative and innovative thinker who's passion is technology, learning and people. As years gone by my passion has changed and grown into different areas. Having the opportunity in my past positions to take innovative risks, my love for technology has grown and has lead me to new paths and has also created a geeky monster.

My last words in this world will be "Imagine if..... "​.

Enjoy leading others, helping them grow and seeing them succeed as well as learning about their passion and strengths. I find people are very interesting by nature and we all have a unique story to tell. One of my hobbies is people watching and taking unexpected photographs. If you pay attention to the details sometimes their story is revealed digitally.

The philosophy I live by can be defined in one word: SILLIE = Share, Inspire, Listen, Learn, Improve & Engage.

I'm inspired by people that are ambitious, that have a passion for something, that seek change, and that don't take life so seriously. I prefer to live a life filled with "oh wells"​ then "what ifs"​ and I like to surround myself with the same kind of people.

I've accomplished great things in my career, these are just highlights:

- Managed the transformation of a online corporate North America university into a regional corporate university incorporating South & Central America & the Caribbean into the mix.

- By revising a Blog Strategy I increased pageviews by 133% & user engagement by 127% in just one month.

- Implemented blogs, wikis, RSS, ratings & forums converting a static online university into a collaborative learning community in one year.

- Implemented internal learning campus, support portal, podcasting & Mobile Learning as performance support tools.


- Research & implement new innovative digital, multimedia & Social Media solutions to enhance user experience & engagement.

- App Beta Tester and Reviewer via my blog (

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