cyrel nicolas

Legaspi City, Philippines

I am nothing but ordinary. I have my own ideologies that deviates me from the common notion of men’s environment. A self-confessed agoraphobic, information junkie, online wanderer who enjoys good food and writing contents. I am a very driven and ambitious man. I am very adventurous and love to live life to the fullest. I live for experience. I am very unique and I have layers. Discipline is my primary asset and I do behave accordingly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is my passion and it is an outlet for my soul. It enables my soul fly every time I outrank my competitors in optimizing. I’ve been working as Junior Team Leader here in Legaspi City, Philippines for almost 3 years and involve in different niches. During that period of time, my knowledge in SEO aspects has enhanced. Being SEO Freelancer in the Philippines, I handle different websites from personal, e-commerce and services websites and therefore, I can humbly say that I am quite aware of how Google works. I am mostly online in and skype.

I specialized in On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization, Keyword Research, Social Media, Website Advertising and E-mail Marketing. Furthermore, I am also familiar in different programming language such as C/C++, PHP, Visual Basic .Net, Java and HTML/CSS.

  • Work
    • SEO Freelancer
  • Education
    • Sorsogon State College - Bulan Campus