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Czar Catstick* is a Photographer, Designer, Fine Art Printmaker and New Media Artist.

“I enjoy using references to well known Art & Artists (sometimes hidden) to pay homage to the people I admire”. Subject matter has changed over the years, referencing much 20th Century work and movements including Cubism, Pop Art, The Bauhaus School The Young British Artists from the 80s with Pointillism, Surreal and Dada references.

I have recently been experimenting with patterns and fabric design which has been a pretty much all-consuming interest.

Digital Photography combined with traditional and modern techniques are used to create new media works often pushing boundaries between figurative and abstract art.

*Stewart works as 'The Emperor's New Clothes Collective' under various artist alter-egos including Jack Smith, Czar Catstick, Hertz Van Wental and Baxter Cane.

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