Ade D.R.

Artist and Writer in Bandung, Indonesia

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Ade Deni Ramdani or simply, Ade D.R. is an illustrator-surrealist from Bandung, Indonesia.

Currently working as a fulltime illustrator on his own brand/label, Knight and Martyrdom or K+M.

Inspired by the cynical views of heroism, the brand goals are to provide dark-surrealism, apocalyptic visual arts, in conjuction with morality and mortality.

K+M has been featured in several popular media, from Tumblr art community (e.g to Deviantart (Daily Deviation), Creativ to The Weird Tales Magazine (both are featuring K+M on their Facebook page's post), T2 online (article) to Vice Indonesia (opening poster). Sometime, K+M also contributing on local zine and art-related event.

K+M focuses on book (cover), music album (cover) and tee (design) illustration.


Exhibition timeline:

2012: Nu-Substance Festival. Common Room - Bandung, Indonesia.
2012: Artspace Flipside Exhibition. Artspace Flipside - Eindhoven, Netherlands.
2013: Fear Fest. Cafe Mondo - Jakarta, Indonesia.
2014: Artspace Indonesian Youth Conference 2014. Upper Room - Jakarta, Indonesia.
2015: SAYA MUNIR!. Universitas Kristen Petra - Surabaya, Indonesia.
2016: Ruangbelulang 2nd Anniversary Exhibition. Ruangbelulang Lab. Art - Palembang, Indonesia.
2016: Gelar Jepang UI 22 Art Exhibition. Universitas Indonesia - Depok, Indonesia.
2017: Launching VICE Indonesia. Potato Head - Bali, Indonesia.


For further info or anything that related to K+M, be free to send your email to:

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