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4 Medical Benefits of Dabbing

If you suffer from chronic pain or a serious illness, dabbing might offer a better solution than traditional smoking. Cannabis provides several benefits for people who deal with nausea, headaches, and other uncomfortable symptoms, and dab tools make it easier to relieve those symptoms.1. Relieve Pain FasterThe best

dab rigs

allow you to extract the benefits of cannabis faster than you would through a pipe or cigarette. The higher concentration of THC gets absorbed into your bloodstream quicker and allows you to relieve your pain or other symptoms right away. By contrast, smoking marijuana in the traditional way can lead to longer periods of suffering while you wait for the medicine to kick in.2. Smoke Less CannabisTo get the maximum benefit from traditional smoking, you would have to puff on a marijuana cigarette 24 hours per day. Since you receive less THC and other compounds through the traditional method, you have to consume more. If you use dab tools, however, you get more cannabis with every inhalation. Since you've reduced cannabis down to its essential oils, you're smoking the purest form of the drug.3. Enjoy Higher Purity LevelsWhen you extract oils from the cannabis flower, you enjoy a higher level of purity in what you smoke. In addition to relieving medical symptoms faster, dabbing also ensures you only smoke what you need to make you feel better. Your body will get used to this purity.4. Experience Fewer OdorsMany people object to cannabis because of the odor it gives off when users smoke it. Dabbing doesn't smell nearly as strong as traditionally smoked cannabis, so you won't hear as many complaints. If you have a well-developed sense of smell, you won't have to deal with any of the headaches or other symptoms that strong odors can cause.How to Start DabbingIf you're ready to give dabbing a shot, visit


to learn about all the rigs and accessories available. Using the highest

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will purify the experience further and ensure your safety while dabbing.Consult your doctor if you have any concerns about how dabbing will impact your health. According to Leafly, studies show that dabbing is just as safe as smoking cannabis the traditional way, but talking to your doctor might help you f