Dalia Rey

CEO, Entrepreneur, and Investor in New York, NY

Dalia Rey

CEO, Entrepreneur, and Investor in New York, NY

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Hello, I’m Dalia. I’m a CEO based in New York, NY and Washington, DC.

I am a mover and a shaker and a fierce champion for the best hearts and minds in the city, and beyond.

Visionary Scale (DALIA)
Investing & Integrated Media

I actively create and invest as an angel, value and activist investor. I have a passionate focus on the arts, media, publishing, film, retail, lifestyle, beauty, real estate and tech. You can inquire about my prospectus or learn about my open-market, active projects here.

The Brain Surgeon (THE GHQ)
Leadership & Strategic Direction

I have founded business lines in strategy, public relations, media and law. I play the long game and consistently take lucrative actions, every day.

Best Execution (OCTAGON)
Management Consulting

[ 1 ] The vision is to elevate global prosperity and bring constructive transformation to the architecture and experience of global livelihoods.

[ 2 ] The mission is to optimize the landscape of value creation through strategy, capital and commercial enterprise. We create non-replicable value and extraordinary returns.

[ 3 ] We bring effective solutions to any problem. We dignify and empower in every exchange. We harness opportunities by thinking infinite sum. We deliver on outcomes that change the game. We use balanced ambition to bring impact and profit to its highest potential. We are motivated by compassion and service to humanity, always.

[ 4 ] Interested in working together? Connect:

[ A ] Dalia Rey (Investing)
[ B ] Media (PR, Media)
[ C ] OCTA, Octagon (Law, Strategy)
[ D ] Other (General)

"If we fail, we fail together,
If we rise, we rise together,
And nothing, without love."

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  • Education
    • BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.)
    • LLM, Masters of Laws (Corporate and International)