Dallas Imbimbo

Entrepreneur in California

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A leading economic and sales professional, Dallas Imbimbo has been instrumental in the growth of many businesses. Since graduating from the University of California, Davis, in 2008, he has gained experience in senior roles at various startup companies. Dallas Imbimbo now runs several organizations as chief executive officer, including BigRentz.com, SeetheX LLC, and Kush Bottles.

His most recent startup, BigRentz.com, is a Santa Ana-based Internet company that rents industrial equipment of all sizes. As CEO, Imbimbo oversees all aspects of the company’s growth and works directly with large vendors and clients throughout the United States. Since launching the company in early 2012, he has managed more than $1 million worth of transactions.

In his spare time, Dallas Imbimbo enjoys traveling and playing basketball. He played on the UC Davis team between 2005 and 2006, and earlier in his education received the team’s Best Work Ethic award from Bellarmine College Preparatory.

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