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Hi, my name is David Hood and I am the Dallas SEO Geek. I help businesses grow their business through the most cost effective online marketing method -- Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I've been a lifelong geek. I built websites for fun in highschool in the 90's. I taught myself more programming languages than I can remember over the years. I went to math competitions. I always will be a geek -- especially for the internet and search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

I see soooo much pain out there for businesses that are getting mixed messages about SEO and people trying to sell to them CONSTANTLY. I seek to relieve that pain for whoever I can - even if it means that my services are not a good fit for their digital company's marketing needs.

I do business with integrity by never selling SEO services to someone who doesn't need them. In reality, that doesn't do any good for my business either because I'm trying to build long-term win-win relationships with as many businesses as I can. I've often told potential customers not to buy SEO Consulting and/or Services from me because I didn't think it would make them money!

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