Damian Corbet

Founder of The Social C-Suite in London, United Kingdom

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I think we're at the start of something huge. Our digitally connected society is so different from anything we've experienced before. The printing press, telegraph, telephone, radio, TV, e-mail, Internet, mobile phones, social media, apps, the Internet of Things - all just steps along the road of ever-greater connectedness. And it's all one-way. Where is this leading us? What are the implications for us as individuals, as businesses, as society as whole? None of us know the answer. We're all fumbling in the dark. I'm exploring these issues in my own way: reading, thinking, connecting with fascinating people online, writing - and more thinking. By profession I'm a B2B PR manager, working in-house for a large international company with a global network of subsidiaries. I'm good at what I do, but I could be doing a lot more. Time for a confession: I'm 48, have been in my current job for longer than I care to admit (no offence to my wonderful employer) and have been way too comfortable. I realized things had to change. I made myself the in-house social media 'expert' (not guru!). Now I visit our subsidiaries and give talks on social media; I have spoken to delegates on our Executive Training Program and recently gave a talk at our company's annual CEO Conference. This experience of talking with the C-Suite has taught me two things: There's a realization that social media is important There's an inverse lack of urgency in doing anything about it This isn't good. If business leaders don't 'get with the program' quickly, there's a real danger they and their companies will fall behind. So my mission is to kick C-Suite ass into the 21st Century. Blogs, a website, a book, an app - even a social network - these are all things I want to create to help senior executives get up to speed. To make it all happen I need help. Do you want to join me?

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