Dan Kamensky

Advisory Board Member at Creditor Rights Coalition in Roslyn, NY, USA

Dan Kamensky is a thought leader in negotiation and stakeholder alignment. He has written extensively on the topic, and his work has been featured in outlets such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.

Ultimately, leaders set the tone for their organizations and efforts. If a deal is going to turn out reasonably for all stakeholders, it is vital for leaders first to develop an equitable mindset and then put their funds where their mouth is. Doing so can inspire employees and also establish trust between negotiating parties.

Mr Kamensky is an attorney who specializes in the area of mortgage lending and consumer credit. According to him, "Rights are about balance." This means that borrowers need to be safeguarded, and lenders need to be protected. Dan is passionate about ensuring that the rights of both groups are upheld.