Dan Kervick

I am an independent scholar specializing in the work of the great 18th century philosopher David Hume. I also have continuing research interests in decision theory, philosophy of science and analytic metaphysics. I completed my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst under Edmund Gettier.

Since 2008, I have developed a growing interest in economics and economic policy, particularly in issues related to employment, monetary theory and banking, the origins and economic impact of inequality, the role of public and private enterprise in a healthy economy, and the structure of our system of public finance. I have been been blogging on economic issues since early 2012 at the New Economic Perspectives blog, which is run by the Economics Department at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Over this period, I have had an abiding interest in the approach to macroeconomic issues known as Modern Monetary Theory or MMT.

I launched Rugged Egalitarianism on August 6th, 2013, to create a space for the fuller development of my thinking on economic policy issues such as full employment, economic equality reform of public finance and expanded public enterprise.

I currently live with my wife and son in Bow, New Hampshire, and work in the book industry at YBP Library Services, the academic division of the Baker & Taylor Corporation.