I craft products that people love.

I've been a UXer for the past 15 years, and I'm working as an independent consultant for the past 5 years. I've helped dozens of companies, local and international, startups and larger organizations create products that feel tailor made for their users.

I split my time between super complex systems for pros, and light weight apps for consumers. I strongly believe this versatility makes me a better pro.

I have a keen eye for integrating tech, business goals and user needs. I know how to get into peoples' minds, understand their motivations and pains, and turn them into meaningful requirements that create delightful products.

I think strategy, but I'm super focused on execution. I embrace constraints and work creatively around them. I believe in light weight processes, iterations and constant feedback loops.

I'm an experienced mentor and have guided throughout my career tens of startups and entrepreneurs on Strategy, UX and Product. I enjoy speaking at local tech events. I'm a proud geek who loves her job.