Dana Glowacka

Mother, Fitness Enthusiast, and Yoga in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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I live in Montreal, Canada, have been fitness & yoga enthusiast for many years with an experience in Ashtanga/Yin-Yoga certificated.

I subsequently pursued my study and practice Ashtanga and Yin -Yoga as a result of my plank to keep balance in body/mind/spirit.

Here is my short story:

Four years ago, my son received a “GWR book 2014” as a gift, finding George Hood plank, with a time plank 1hr20min done, telling me; “Mom, you can do this!” And since then Plank is On.

My first set was 4mins. At that time, I didn’t meet George Hood, yet. Once I did, he helps me accomplished 2hrs,25mins with no sides, in one set. That number gets me to China, where I win first place on 2nd International World Cup Plank Challenge May/2016. Have an honor to participate on a real world stage with a Guinness World Record Holders; George Hood and Mao Weidong was making a history again. What an experience, sharing for a lifetime!

From there, I needed it to balanced my Yang/Yin in me. I started to take all kind of yoga classes. Absolutely love it!

One year later, I subscribe for my first “Yin Yoga Teacher Training” that gives me that deeper side of what Yoga truly is and keep my body safe.

Just do it, do it right, train for it, and believe in yourself... for a stronger, healthier and happier life.

Training continues....