Dan Brook

professor, Writer, and human in California

Dan Brook

professor, Writer, and human in California

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I'm a writer, speaker, poet, photographer, activist, wanderer, wonderer, and adjunct professor of sociology at San Jose State University.

A selection of my books:

Harboring Happiness: 101 Ways To Be Happy

Sweet Nothings (about the nature of haiku and the concept of nothing)

Eating the Earth: The Truth About What We Eat (in multiple languages)

Brook's Book

Justice in the Kitchen(non-profit cookbook)

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Also check out my free ebooks and my non-profit veg cookbook (Justice in the Kitchen).

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(I took the background photo in The Galapagos in 2013.)

I am available to speak on a variety of topics, including veg/plant-based, health, environment, sustainability, climate change, smoking, sociology, American politics, poverty, inequality, writing, social change, social alchemy, happiness, haiku, travel, Thailand, and more.

I'm looking for a partner to code a mobile health app. You?

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    • San Jose State University
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    • UC Davis
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