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Danesh is an Entrepreneur, Skill Preceptor and writer. A native of Tamil Nadu currently residing in Mumbai, India. His interests range from entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. He enjoys teaching, traveling and develops perspective towards life.

He is 74% differently abled, battling Muscular Dystrophy with all limbs affected and dependant. He makes numerous effort to enhance habitat and well-being. Born in an mediocre family, his parents taught him to be independent and self motivated.


You probably want to look at his work:

GOI Director Identity No:- 07053678

1) Director- Shri Krishna Transport and Logistics

Instituted his own Transportation and Earth Mover company.

2) Managing Director- XEMBLO Management Services (2011-2016)

Verticals:- (i) Event Management (ii) Retail Intelligence (iii) Unsuccessful in 3rd vertical. Worked in lead for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service industries --- Currently closed.

3) Blogger- Having thousands of followers who get inspired and motivated through his blogs

4) Public Speaker- Presented as Vice-Chair for Technical United Conferences, delivered Guest Lectures and significantly 5 Tedx talks being the inspiration to masses.

Danesh has been felicitated with numerous awards. Being a self motivated and optimistic person, Danesh has a history of owning startup and working for the world’s most distinguished companies such as Google, Dell, Samsung, Coke, Mahindra, while pursuing his graduation.

Even though his disability has confined him, he is one of the most enthusiastic and dynamic person that you can meet. His generosity, robustness, and confidence keeps a motivated aura, thus inspiring masses. Living by the phrase “Living the Moment”

He enjoys travelling, meeting new people and finding ways to have an uplifting experience. He is dedicated, outgoing, and a team player. People find him to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with good communication skills.

Specialties: Strong experience in managing high performance teams in the organization. Typically, experienced in managing a high volume, service environment, requiring agility and flexibility to ensure the set objective

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