Dani Hutton

business analyst in San Francisco, CA

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Search Ranking Analyst with PRO Unlimited at Facebook. Hi, I help curate your trending section.

SFSU Alumni, with a B.A. in Journalism.

Freelance journalist, somewhat.

Former EIC of Xpress Magazine, and former Editorial Intern at Ozy Media. Whovian, coffee junkie, subject to wanderlust. Keeper of the gifs.

Writer of short stories on occasion, dreamer of impossible dreams, and amateur photographer when I want to be. Generally found in a bar, both for business and pleasure.

I like shiny new toys and all the little fidgety things about new gadgets and electronics.

I enjoy writing feature pieces when I'm not pretending to be witty. Life goals include moving out of California and learning to walk on ice without breaking my face.

  • Education
    • San Francisco State University