Daniel Kay

Cryptocurrency Gambling Platform Founder, website, and blockchain in Thailand

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Daniel Timothy Kay was born in 1978 in Bradford City, England. He was enrolled in Long Lee Primary School. He attended South Craven High School and managed to score 8 GCSEs. He proceeded with his education by attending A-level Computer Science and GNVQ Business Studies, graduating with a distinction.

By the age of 17, Daniel was appointed as the restaurant manager taking charge of night-time house operations and weekends. After finishing his A-levels and GNVQ studies, Daniel settled on a career in the restaurant trade. He was offered a position at the then newly opened restaurant Platos in the Lake District.

During his time working at the restaurant, Daniel made the acquaintance of a building owner in Ulverston who was eager to get someone to get the lease of the ground floor unit of his building that was empty after the restaurant operating in the space closed down.

Daniel met up with David Dunne in 2005, an independent mortgage broker assigned to the development he was working on. They hit it off, and by having a common goal, the two gents set up a series of real estate companies they named the Lifestyle Group. The group had an estate agency, lettings agency, property investment company, and a mortgage company.

After losing his business due to the financial meltdown, Daniel took up a consulting job in the commodities business. He tapped to his vibrant network of foreign investors and brokers to broker gold, Diamonds, D2, and JP54. After a short stint in this sector, he quit starting an online business that would help him pursue his travelling passion.

Through learning that over 50% of Bitcoin trades are gambling-related, Daniel set up Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus website offering honest reviews and bonuses from Casinos accepting BTC and any other crypto.

In December 2017, Daniel set up a second platform dedicated to Blockchain-based casinos powered by Ethereum, EOS, and Tron. These are blockchain-based revolutionary platforms that will alter the ways of the gambling industry. In essence, Blockchain Casino Games are being touted to be the frontier for championing decentralized betting.