Daniel Hasibar

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Born and raised in Vienna, Daniel soon learned of his love for technical stuff. Music would start to become a part of his entire life when he began learning to play the bass guitar and during when he was seeking to overcome puberty by the attempt of singing in the melodic death metal band "Zorn." Always interested in the recording process and being the tech guy in the band he developed his skills and trained his ears. After a hiatus of some years - mainly due to his education for his later profession - being a male nurse - he returned to the now digital age of recording.

While gathering a decent collection of recording equipment, he built a small recording booth in his flat with his new crew. As Hip Hop was the must thing to do - "Kanasta" was founded - a terzett of friends, intending to shine in Austria.

They started writing, composing and recording and soon had built a network of young musicans.

4earstudios was born and kept sticking around.

Soon he felt his new ambitions forming: Becoming a professional recording engineer and being a studio owner. In order to dig deeper into the matter he enrolled in sound recording school and began training his hearing on a daily basis.

A proper place had to be found - which it was and then turned from a server room into a decent place to pursue audiophile dreams. By extending the studio's equipmentlist, network of musicans and voice-over actors he managed to position 4earstudios in the Austrian market, which resulted in earning "real money."

Not limited to doing recordings in the studio he also tours with bands as their FOH engineer. Outside the studio he prefers conference- and congress tech work. Daniel joined the production-team for "Monochrom’s" and "Traum und Wahnsinn’s" feature film "Die G’stettensaga - Rise Of The Echsenfriedl". Recording on film sets and doing post-production became a major workfield for 4earstudios.Together with producer and friend Christian Staudacher he started the "4ES production team", which debuted in Monochroms feature film „Traceroute."In order to further building a decent collection of often unaffordable gear he learned the basics of electronics, soldering and reading schematics. With his newly acquired skills he managed to build preamps, compressors, equalizers and microphones. All of them being more or less faithfull recreations of the original units.

Daniel is married and has two lovely kids

  • Work
    • BBW Vienna
  • Education
    • VS Börsegasse
    • BRG 3 Radetzgystrasse
    • BBW Nurse School
    • Tone Arts