Daniel James

I'm Daniel. I love Christianity, AWANA, Narnia, athletics, music, [clean] humor, technology, and much more. I play piano as well as other instruments. I'm a PC, and I'm totally a Google fanboy (that includes Android and Chrome OS).
I am a student in highschool/community college. I teach piano lessons and I am a leader-in-training for children in programs such as AWANA and childcare. One of the greatest loves of my life is Narnia. I love both the book series and the movies. In fact, I am a writer for www.NarniaFans.com, the biggest (and best!) Narnia fansite on the interwebz. FNAFA! (For Narnia and for Aslan) Hint: It looks like Walden Media and 20th Century Fox are going to make the movie of The Magician's Nephew next! Eeeek! I'm so excited.
Another huge love in my life is AWANA. AWANA is a program for Christian youth ages 3-18. I've been in it for [practically] innumerable years, and our meetings on Wednesday and Thursday nights are my most-looked-forward-to events each week. There is a national competition called Summit for the highschoolers in AWANA. I went to it last year and this year, and they were the best experiences of my life! I won first place in the nation last year in the Fine Arts category, playing piano. This year, my Games (athletics) team won first in the nation (we won third last year)! That's the first time a Texas team has ever won Summit Games.
I love life, and I love God. I have a big mouth, both literally and figuratively. ;-) I really love talking and being social. This seems strange to some people because I am a homeschooler, but the stereotype most people have of homeschoolers is totally wrong. Haha. Like way wrong. Maybe 2.5% of homeschoolers are "stereotypical homeschoolers." Oh, and by the way, 46.8% of statistics are made up. ;-) I love being homeschooled!
I like people that can make me smile like this: =D I try to return the favor as well. I love it when I laugh so hard that my cheekbones hurt! You know what I mean? You savvy?
I love Christianity. It's fun to study apologetics so that I can "give an answer to anyone who asks you the reason for the hope that you have." My dad is the "pastor" of our home church. Oh, did I forget to mention...I'm a Texan!!! Texas! FIGHT!!!! (I'm also Jewish/Syrian, for your information. 'Cause you know you wanted to know.)