Daniela Borgialli

Artist, Teacher, and Dancer in Austin, Texas

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I wanted to be a choreographer when I was 8 years old and made up dances all the time. After choreographing and dancing in the Boston/Cambridge, MA area for many years and graduating with a BA in French Language & Literature from Boston University I found myself in San Francisco, then in New York, dancing and choreographing. I ended up in the desert in graduate school for dance where I began to learn Argentine Tango. This began my current journey.
I am a full-time Argentine Tango teacher, who taught at a major US University for 10 years. I also organize, choreograph, perform, and promote, which is the artist life!
I love human movement and incorporate my years of study in anatomy and kinesiology; imagery to create bodily change (Thinking Body); and now my certification as a Restorative Exercise Specialist, to support the training of dancers of all ages and experience. The body is an incredible machine.
I just returned to the US after 3 years in Berlin and Europe in general teaching Tango and helping bodies align through natural movements.

  • Education
    • MFA Dance & Choreography
    • BA French Language & Literature