Daniel BlaSaa

Student, Barista, and Entrepreneur in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Hello and welcome to my about.me!

Here I present you an openminded person who loves to travel and explore. My name is Daniel, 22 years old and currently living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I have always loved traveling, technology and entrepreneurship. This combination came from my parents who actually love the same subjects.

Since I was little my parents would take me anywhere for vacations. They wanted me to see the world while being in a safe environment. These travels made me a very openminded person who is able to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Both my parents, and my sister, have their own company. That's where the entrepreneur within me comes from. Since 2015 I have my own company / webshop called: TiamoStores.com. As a passionate, positive and social person I will be able to become a great leader/business owner.

The past years I have developed myself into a grown man who is able to adept to many different situations. In 2012 I lived in America for a year and in 2016 I moved to Paris, France to work in Disneyland Paris. Those years contributed a lot to my independency.

My vision for the next 5 years is to expend my online business worldwide. Someone who travels while making money from an online business.

- Daniel