Daniel Bomli

Bangalore, India.

Visual & Creative Artist / Film Maker / Teaching Faculty / Freelance Photographer / Video & Film Editor

How I developed love for film and photography : I wished my dad was alive today and I am sure he will be very happy to see all my works related to Film and Photography. Just the sight of the photos & videos captured through Canon DSLR could have easily excited him. I remembered it was he who actually loved camera and introduced it to me. Today it is inseparable as I pursue my passion for Film-Making & Photography. My dad’s last gift for me was a small camera – Sony Cybershot Digicam with 14 MP, which I still have in the treasure collections of mine. After my father passed away on May 2011, I was in deep sorrows, anguished with grief. To deal with the tragedy, I frequently made escape from pain and harsh reality of life by being deeply engrossed in camera which my daddy gave me.

It all started as an experiment with the Sony Digicam. I used to capture videos and images of my friends and colleagues for their Birthdays and other corporate events. I later edited those raw footage on Adobe Premiere Pro and presented it in the form of short film. The catalyst for Film Making was my curiosity with what I could do with visual images that I captured through the camera. Thanks to all my friends and colleagues for allowing me to shoot their beautiful portraits.

It's been a year since I got my first DSLR camera – Canon EOS 60 D on June 05, 2013 and I learnt a lot over this short period of time such as filming, recording audio, editing & creating visual effects. The most important part is working with a group of creative & talented people as Film Making is entirely a team effort. I am currently a Teaching Faculty at Arena Animation, Bangalore teaching Film Composition, Video & Sound Editing.

I always believed feelings are meant to be express not suppress. A suppressed emotion piles over a period of time and can results in unstable and conflicting thoughts which as a result affects our life. The best way to express your feeling is through the creative medium such as arts, paintings, poems, music, film, photography or anything that involves creativity. In such way, the affected person not just enrich himself with the experiences but also enrich the community where he lives.

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