Daniel Bourke

Student and Writer in Brisbane City, Australia

Daniel Bourke

Student and Writer in Brisbane City, Australia

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Hey there, I’m Daniel. I’m a student and creative living in Brisbane, Australia.

My goal is to help bring fitness and nutrition education to world.

By 2020 I want to have helped 1 million people workout and eat better. I will achieve this goal by creating educational and entertaining YouTube videos, answering questions on Quora and sharing my writings through various other platforms.

I'm fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I believe these technologies have the potential to solve some of the worlds biggest problems.

I plan on combining my knowledge of health and fitness with what I'm learning about Artificial Intelligence to contribute towards achieving my goals.

My current creative outlets:

Podcast - An unenumerated collection of learnings.

Medium - Writings on technology, life, fitness and nutrition.

Quora - Answering questions on fitness, nutrition, online learning and an unenumerated list of other topics.

YouTube - Fitness, nutrition and technology edutainment videos.

Feel free to reach out and introduce at anytime via any of the links below, I'd love to hear from you!

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