Daniel Brandt

Growing up in the general greater Milwaukee area, I moved to Madison in 2008 to open a traditional Japanese marital art school. I travel weekly back to Milwaukee to continue training with my teacher for my own training and personal growth.

I operate Soyokaze Dojo (Tanemura Soke gave us this name and means "Benevolent Wind", like that of a soft breeze that comes while working hard in the fields). I do my best to follow in the footsteps of my teacher and instruct in Ninpo/Ninjutsu and Samurai Jujutsu. I currently hold the title of 'Renshi' which means Journeyman Master, and hold two fourth degree black belts, as well as other certifications and masterships.

When I'm not working on the dojo, I work as a licensed massage therapist (specializing in injuries, rehabilitation, & sports massage) and a part-time Japanese language instructor.