Daniel Degenhardt

Student in Fulda, Germany

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Hey there, I’m Daniel.

Currently i'm doing my bachelor studies in business informatics at Fulda university in Germany. The biggest excitement factor about computer science is in my opinion the logic and reliability of programs.

The focus of my studies at the university are how companies can use application systems of the SAP landscape to improve their performance in the long term. Therefore i'm doing a lot of resarch on concrete issues in the region of industry 4.0 related to SAP systems. Finding the right balance between business logic and informatics motivates me every day.

In my leisure time i like to do physical activeties like swimming, climbing and hiking. I'm captivated by good books and i'm very characterized by my favorite writer Hermann Hesse but i also like to read other authors like Kafka, Phillip K. Dick and many more.

During my vacation i enjoy traveling around the world and meeting new people.

i'm a liberal minded person and open to logical reasoning.

I'm looking for people who are passionate about what they do. In terms of companies i'm interested in ones that can offer a lot of freedom in the way how employees achieve their goals.

During the next 2 years i'm aiming for my master's degree in computer science with a semester abroad. After that i want to gain some international work experience in the asian region.

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