Dan Dolan

Miami, Florida

Justice mostly depends on what a litigant can get after winning his case, and this is usually the compensation for the injury or damages which a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer like Atty. Dan Dolan can competently fight for that matters. However, it does not always lead to victory as there are some circumstances that have to be considered first. Atty. Dolan himself can admit that there is definitely no assurance in this kind of case, but he could do it well considering the fact that he has already recovered over eighty million dollars for the indemnity of the victim-litigants. It's the one of the biggest accomplishments that he has aside from the recognitions for a competent legal service and leadership in several law organizations.

It's also the achievement of his law firm, the Dolan Law, that provides legal services for the victims who may be looking for a reliable Florida boating accident lawyer, for instance. This has already built a good name in the industry as Atty. Dolan and his associate, Atty. Cameron Wilson, always considers the interest of their clients. Further, the firm offers free case evaluation and “no pay for no recovery” for the advantage of the clients.