Ts. Daniel Doughty CMILT, APR

Strategy Consultant in Malaysia

Ts. Daniel Doughty CMILT, APR

Strategy Consultant in Malaysia

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Ts Daniel Doughty is an experienced strategist, PR Practitioner and the go-to guy to get a problem fixed.

Growing up with dyslexia turns out to be a blessing as he sees things differently in everyday life and business challenges.

Driven by the euphoric feelings of solving a problem, he takes pride in providing his best without other agendas and getting towards the desired solution.

Daniel’s passion for problem-solving can be traced back to his time at age 19 working on a globally televised show called Eco-Challenge, produced by Mark Brunett. The production team was impressed and offered him as a full-time team member to work in Fiji for the next production.

He was once quoted by WWF Malaysia as a “well-rounded analytical professional, His core strength lies in understanding and adapting to changing environments”.

Daniel has experience working in multiple industries, this includes Tourism, Conservation, Blockchain, Logistics, Oil & Gas and Entrepreneurship.

He was appointed as the Lead Strategist and Facilitator for Labuan Economic Sector Coalition and is currently the Chairman of the Labuan Chamber of Commerce.

He founded North Gate Consulting, a Strategy & PR outfit, Founder of SteemXP, a Southeast Asia Community on Steem Blockchain, The Founder of a Social Enterprise that focuses on Marine and Shark Conservation called Borneo Conservancy, He is Organizer of the Borneo Blockchain Summit, Borneo Bloggers and New Media Dialogue.

Formerly the Member BOD of Asia Supply Base, Labuan Formerly the Member BOD for Labuan Port Authority, Chief Executive for Asia Marine Adventure, Director of Rapidea Solution, The Sustainable Ecotourism Specialist for International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (WorldFish), Senior Programme Officer at WWF - Malaysia, Chairman of Sabah Tourist Guide Association, Vice President of Sabah Environmental Protection Association, The Chapter Manager of Google Business Group and the Chairman of NextGen for Chartered Logistics and Transports, Sabah.

His portrait was painted on a pillar in Kota Kinabalu City in 2018 along with 29 other inspiring people in Sabah that are celebrated for their contribution both locally and globally through a project called Pillar of Sabah.