Daniel J. Lee

Yes, I did it.

I left Microsoft for an idea that I had incubated over past 2 years. Yes, I finally will be doing something meaningful and of what I have always been longing, Mobility. Yes, I left the comfort of cradle of a renown corporation for a something small, yet grand. Surely an exciting journey has stated in 2013 for me. The beginning is humble but effective with the lean-and-mean 9 member team at the get-go.

Within a month or so, there will be finally an useful Mobile Platform for Enterprise, sans bloated goo, sans convoluted MEAP-headache, sans same-old-coding, and sans the uh-oh-it-only-runs-on-x. A platform that gets your enterprise mobile application out to users in lightening timeframe. Stay tuned!

Other than the news, I had been with Microsoft since 2005. I am a software architect who has about 16 plus years of experience in Microsoft technology and its platforms. My career has been grown up from tenures in enterprise consulting industry from employments at some of the "Big 4" consulting firms.

My passion has been in the emerging technology including SharePoint and Mobility encompassing Mobile Web, Mobile App, Mobile Strategy, Virtualization, and Cloud, all vetted and tested on dozen VMs in a server rack in my basement as well as Azure and AWS. Before joining Microsoft, I worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM.

Born, raised, and spent the most of teen life in Korea, Chicago, the windy city, has been my home for past twenty-some years. Finished high school in Park Ridge, Illinois then a degree in Electrical Engineering at Purdue University. On the street, I roam with a wife and 2 children with unique hair style and also known as so-called 1.5-gen Korean American.

Other interests includes astronomy i.e. star-gazing, museum hopping, and occasionally training for 10K/half-marathon. Of course, tinkering around the "next big thing". And the big thing is here and it's now.

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