Daniele Iannarone

Student, Writer, and Intern in Montreal, Québec, Canada

My name is Daniele Iannarone, I am a 21 year old journalism student from Montreal, Canada, though currently I am completing a year of studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. I study journalism and I love writing; I have three blogs: one about Hockey, one about F1 Racing and one about my studies abroad and my travels throughout Europe.

I also love traveling and immersing myself in foreign cultures, and I have made it my goal throughout this year in Madrid to get to know the country in which I am living and to visit several different countries in order to learn about several different cultures. One of the experiences I cherish the most so far from my experience abroad was my week attending a conference in Poland. In one week I learned so much about a country I hardly knew anything about beforehand.

I speak four languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish, and I am quite proud of the fact that I can speak, read and write all four of these languages fluently. I study journalism and I enjoy writing and producing journalistic content, and ideally I would get a job incorporating all of these competencies one day.

Until then, I plan on continuing to fully take advantage of the amazing opportunity given to me to study in Spain and get to know people around the world. There truly is no better learning experience, this is a way to learn better than in any classroom.

  • Work
    • Laval Families Magazine Intern
  • Education
    • Concordia University