Daniel W. Galhardo

Boulder, CO

Daniel W. Galhardo is the founder of Tenkara USA, the first company outside of Japan to specialize in the traditional Japanese method of mountain stream fly fishing, tenkara and to introduce it outside of Japan.

Daniel likes to think of himself as the simplest angler. He uses only one fly pattern, no floatant, no weight, no strike indicators, and not even a reel, and still does pretty well.

Daniel has dedicated himself to learning and spreading tenkara. After years of learning about tenkara under the tutelage of the most respected tenkara anglers in Japan, in particular Dr. Hisao Ishigaki, Daniel most recently spent 2 months in a remote village in Japan with the specific intent of learning even more about the method. He launched Tenkara USA in April 2009, creating a new segment of fly-fishing that is considered to be one of the only real innovations in the sport in the last 30 years. Since then tenkara has earned the endorsement from some of the best fly anglers in the nation, including authors John Gierach and Ed Engle, Ralph and Lisa Cutter and Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard.

If you're still reading this....well, Daniel...okay, I'm writing this, so .... I graduated with dual a degree in International Business and Finance, with a minor in Asian studies. I can kinda speak 5 languages, an am trying to learn Japanese, though I'm forgetting most of anything I've ever learned. Before Tenkara USA I worked in commercial foreign exchange (foreign currency) at Travelex and then Wells Fargo.

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