Daniel Gazineu

I have been working for the past nine years with software engineering, most of this time as a hands-on architect and team leader. Over these years I had the opportunity to work at different sort of industries like finance, entertainment and wireless communication, building software for a variety of domains including social networks, electronic financial transactions and recommendation systems.

Although most of the projects I have worked were targeted to server side environment, many included mobile phones as part of the solution and some were developed to run on desktops, what helped me build a clear understanding of which paradigms, architectures and design patterns work better for each different platform.

Working with lean methodologies like Scrum and XP contributed to the way I interact with team members and clients, identifying and prioritizing requirements in order to maximize ROI and reduce risks. I apply and promote Test Driven Development, help clients to prioritize user stories based on business requirements and ensure the team respects the boundaries between a good code design and big design up front.

I have extensive international and multicultural experience, having worked in Brazil, Peru and now in the US, also dealing with clients and stakeholders from different parts of the world.