Daniel G. Nicholas

Designer, Musician, and Social Media Manager in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Started his ‘career’, or so-called-career as a multimedia at a local church. When his dad passed away, one of the pastor said, “why don’t you learn how to play keys?”.

Long story shorted, it’s not him who learn how to play, but his mom! But everytime his mom learning how to play, he always hear the chord. Yes, hear..

After all time passes, he began to play music at churches. He started to hear ‘unheard’ music that came from out of this world, implemented it into his music, and so on..

He start learning digital imaging when he was 14. Designing flyers, etc.

After that, his passion for learning graphic design is more than anything.

He made his life-time goal (well, he think he is) when he was made an Annual Report and Company Profile rebranding for Wijaya Karya Construction on 2015.

He made a lot of design after that.

On 2018, he made his first company along with his friends called “Logo”