Daniel Granot

Daniel Granot is a determined, aspiring and successful educator, author and entrepreneur.
Over ten years, as a technical trainer, business lecturer and tutor Daniel has developed a training methodology to optimise training delivery outcomes that transform and energise a culture deliver understanding over content. As a result of the well communicated and purpose-driven training, return on investment for system implementations are maximised and the learners bring an improved and energised culture back to their teams.
As an author Daniel produces transformational content through his blog and future book.
As an entrepreneur, Daniel has experienced the highs and lows of start-ups and has numerous stories and lessons to impart.
Daniel’s success come from a determination to surpass previous achievements and a resilience developed through ill health from a child that he continues to derive inspiration from.
With diverse achievements, Daniel can offer you the following services:
• Transformational skills training
• Training consultancy
• Training Strategy
• Business Strategy Consulting
• Inspirational speeches