Daniel Grillo

embedded systems, programmer, and engineer in Minas Gerais, Brasil

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I'm an EE who has been working with development of electronics products since 2001, doing both hardware and software.

I have experience in design (specification, analysis and development) of embedded systems and also desktop environment, having worked as a designer/architect and developer in projects such as:

* Burglar alarms;
* Configuration and monitoring systems for burglar alarms;
* Modem (V.21 and Bell 103);
* Biometric identification by finger scanning;
* RFID identification;
* Bootloaders for PIC24 and PIC32;
* Supervisory control and data acquisition;
* Telemetry systems;
* Development with GSM/GPRS modem with two simcards;

I'm self-taught and I try to keep myself updated on new technologies and market trends through specialized courses, seminars, magazines, websites, blogs and events specific to the area.

* programming microcontrollers in C with the possibility in Assembly for 8, 16 and 32 bits;
* development of hardware and electronics CAD (schematic and layout).
* Programming Languages​​: ANSI C, Assembly for microcontrollers, Object Pascal, Java (basic), Objective-C (starting);
* Software development tools: Delphi, Eclipse, NetBeans IDE MPLab, HITECH, XC compilers;
* Database open source Firebird.
* CAD tools: P-Cad, Proteus, Eagle;
* Support Tools: Subversion, PC-Lint;

  • Work
    • KVA Energia sob controle
  • Education
    • Electrical Engineer