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CEO and entrepreneur in Zugerstrasse 32, 6340 Baar

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Dane and full-blooded entrepreneur Daniel Hansen has been building businesses since he was just a teenager – back then, his companies were within the tech industry working with IT equipment, hotel booking software, remote backup and VoIP. But Daniel’s focus has always been on the journey of entrepreneurship and growing businesses – never on the product or the industry itself. More than 10 years ago, Daniel founded financial innovation house and non-conservative family office, OMNIA Global, which is based in Zug, Switzerland.

Today, OMNIA focuses on offering acquisitions, structured finance, private-to-public transactions, including SPACs, as well as business development for entrepreneurs with a mindset like Daniel’s; their businesses are their lifeblood, and they are not looking for controlling investors or a full exit.

OMNIA Global is a company built on network – as his employees, Daniel has an enormous network of people all over the world. People who are attracted to his ability to see only possibilities and no limits with Daniel’s “anything is possible” attitude. This way, Daniel Hansen and OMNIA Global are very closely interlinked and two sides of the same beliefs and attitudes.


Daniel Hansen is a traveller, and you will most likely catch him in an airport or on a plane going anywhere in the world. Daniel is constantly setting up meetings and calls – if not in a hotel lobby, then from OMNIA’s bright, modern and Scandinavian style offices in Zug. As Daniel is not your average businessman, you will never see him in a suit and tie, wherever you meet him.

The door at the office is always open for entrepreneurs with passion, an impressive drive and motivation for doing better and smarter. Daniel gets his entrepreneurial drive and innovative thinking from meeting new people with whom he builds new ideas and financial solutions. As it has been since the very beginning, Daniel’s focus is on people and their motivation.

When Daniel Hansen is not in a meeting, you will most likely find him with a book and glass of red wine in his hand. Daniel reads an impressive number of books each month and is always updated on what is going on in the world.

Daniel Hansen presents OMNIA Globals podcast, 'The Dot Connectors'

Learn more about Daniel Hansen and OMNIA Global on Youtube and on their website. Find relevant links here.

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