Daniel Headrick

Artist in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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I'm nobody really. But...

Born of eccentric and artistic blood. I share birthdays with William S Burroughs, H R Giger, and Charlotte Rampling. Former skiptracer and cinema projectionist. Artist, layabout, medical oddity and lovable misanthrope.

mixed media art, music, reading, film, interior decorating, quantum mechanics, photography. Collect religious icons and paraphernalia, unusual books, antique cameras/optical equipment, medical devices.

art, film, music, astronomy, cosmology, architecture, film analysis, radiopharmacology, photography, iconography, linguistics, the avant-garde, quantum mechanics, typography, design (industrial, interior) computers, cartography, et al.

Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Creatures, Stereolab, Saint Etienne, Danielle Dax, Dandi Wind, Nina Hagen, Lene Lovich, Diamanda Galas, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, DJ Shadow, Pizzicato Five, Happy Rhodes, Goldfrapp, Zarah Leander, Nurse With Wound, Broadcast, Ennio Morricone (And film scores in general), Grace Jones, Coldcut, Curve, Astrud Gilberto, Yma Sumac, Cibo Matto, April March, The Art Of Noise, Kraftwerk, Stravinsky, and many, many more.

Film & Movies:
Juliet Of The Spirits, Roma, Fellini's 8 1/2, Roma, The Andromeda Strain, The Alien Quadrilogy, Casino Royale (the original 1967 film), Wait Until Dark, Dawn Of The Dead (both versions), Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie, Delicatessen, Gummo, La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet), Un Chien Andalou, et al.

Directors: Jan Svankmajer, Brothers Quay, Federico Fellini, Luis Bunuel, Jeunet et Caro, George Romero, Stanley Kubrick, Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage, et al.

Labyrinths Of Reason (William Poundstone), Understanding Physics (Isaac Asimov), The Martian Chronicles (Ray Bradbury), Naked Lunch (William S Burroughs), Psychopathia Sexualis (Krafft-Ebing), Infrastructure (Brian Hayes), Stephen Hawking.

American Dad, Futurama, Orange Is The New Black, Big Brother, The Simpsons, King Of The Hill, Captain Scarlet, South Park, Absolutely Fabulous, The High Life, Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances. Guilty Pleasures: The Golden Girls, Mama's Family, Jersey Shore, The (Celebrity) Apprentice, Real Housewives Of New Jersey.