Daniel Hoang

Daniel Hoang is a manager at IntelliBridge Partners, a full service management consulting firm. He helps his clients improve their operations to effectively manage its resources. He has performed numerous evaluations of government programs and management practices. He led the oversight efforts in the State’s planning phase for FI$CAL, the statewide ERP upgrade project. Additionally, he was a core subject-matter expert for the California State Auditor’s transition to electronic audit documentation using CCH TeamMate (formerly PWC TeamMate). Daniel also was the lead resource in several city and county IT strategic planning engagements as a consultant for a boutique IT firm in Bellevue, WA. His two notable clients included the City of Boise, Idaho and the City of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Those engagements include a thorough review of the client’s municipal application portfolio, network architecture, staffing allocation, and governance models. In addition to his broad experience with many governmental issues, he brings a unique and creative perspective to his work. A graduate of Pepperdine University, School of Public Policy, he integrates his foundation in American government frameworks and analytical tools from RAND professors and researchers. Daniel also uses his expertise in technology to improve existing products: reports, letters, memos, spreadsheets, and presentations.