Daniel Homrich

My focus on crafting meaningful customer experiences and articulating brand engagement has been recognized in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Through a unique ability to bridge various viewpoints, perspectives and people, I apply ethnographic insights to both grassroots movements and corporations, intrinsically motivating employees and identifying the characteristics that drive Gen Y’s.

As the founder of the 501c3 Meet Justice, Inc., we inspired responsive action through six brand campaigns that would become a banner for multiple sectors to connect to community engagement on a deeper level. At various marketing agencies, I facilitated employee engagement and leveraged Fortune 500 corporations to generate brand equity and allegiance by aligning their brands with authentic meaningful impact for a triple bottom line (people, planet, profit). These operations scaled global movements into local co-working spaces and focused on strategic partnerships and cross-sector collaboration.

WH[Y] MANTRA, my current consulting business, focuses on articulating the brand essence, equity, and congruence. As a Gen Y subject matter expert, he offers cross-generational strategies and employee engagement tactics.

Appearances on numerous major media publications and networks, including CNN, Reuters and The Wall Street Journal.

Photojournalist portfolio documenting social injustice in 35 countries on 6 continents.

Co-author, Generation Clash - The Changing Guard In The Workplace. In Progress (2014).