Daniel J. Cohen

A King of Copy and Master of Messaging, Cohen is the Founder and Lead Writer at RedShift Writers. RedShift is strongly dedicated to content writing that is worthy of both humans and search engines. Throughout his career, Cohen has cultivated content writing strategies that stir interest, stimulate action and sell products.

Cohen's content writing is based on the following principles:

EMOTION: As the most powerful human motivator, our feelings encourage us to take action. Writing in a way that spurs emotional response is one of the major keys to producing persuasive copy.

KNOWLEDGE: Know how to write. A writer should understand messaging, tone, timing, length, and rhetoric- and how to use linguistic concepts to communicate with clarity and conviction.

DILIGENCE: A writer must never miss a deadline. Writers in the modern digital era should be self-propelled and finish projects to the satisfaction of both client and colleague. If you want to write copy, you should be a sucker for completing projects before their due dates.

And remember:

What's written is law.

Get the content writing your company needs... and deserves.

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