Daniel Johnson Jr

Digital Marketing Manager in Cincinnati, Ohio

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What if medicine was less about getting prescriptions filled or procedures done and more about getting well? If you don't feel well, you won't work well. For so many of us, life is out of balance.

In my current role at Go Beyond Medicine I help tell our story and also to empower our patients to tell amazing stories about their lives as a result.

I joined the team of health and wellness experts at Go Beyond Medicine because I believe in what they believe: to truly make a difference in the lives of individuals and in business overall. I use my skills and background in business, marketing, sales, and analytics to help Go Beyond Medicine tell its story online and in our community. This work includes guiding marketing strategy in the business, setting up and managing lead generation systems, and bringing new business into the practice.

* Create content (graphics, video, blogs, other media) for use across multiple channels to attract new business,
* Administer marketing automation (CRM), web analytics and direct interaction with vendors and outside consultants who support the business, and
* Manage the sales pipeline for bringing in new business.

I've recently become more deliberate in the connections I keep on my LinkedIn profile. Before connecting, reach out through some other means so that we can get to know one another. I want to make sure my connection with you will be just as valuable as yours to mine.

I am looking to connect with
* Individuals looking for a wholistic approach to their medical care,
* Those in the constantly-evolving marketing and analytics space in other industries, and
* Those looking for help in areas of expertise that I have to offer in the Greater Cincinnati Metro area.

  • Work
    • Go Beyond Medicine
  • Education
    • University of Cincinnati