Daniella Zipkin

With over a decade of medical training and experience as a clinician, researcher, and teacher, Dr. Daniella Zipkin is a respected doctor and faculty member at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. As a clinician and educator, Dr. Zipkin plays a role in teaching residents how to effectively use evidence-based medicine to treat patients. She currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Duke University Medical Center.

Since joining Duke University Medical Center in 2007, Dr. Daniella Zipkin has incorporated the practice of evidence-based medicine into teaching and patient care. As teacher of the Evidence-Based Medicine Curriculum at the Duke University Internal Medicine Residency Program, Dr. Zipkin leads a 16-hour course covering topics such as study design, bias and random error, diagnostic testing, evaluating studies of therapeutic interventions, and applying results to patients . Dr. Zipkin has also studied the impact of the curriculum itself in terms of efficacy in improving residents' knowledge and skills, and she has presented these positive results nationally.

In addition to curriculum development, Dr. Daniella Zipkin serves as a faculty member for several courses and seminars through the Duke University Internal Medicine Program, including pharmaceutical industry conflicts of interest, doctor-patient communication, and motivational interviewing for behavior change. Outside of Duke University, Dr. Daniella Zipkin joined the Society of General Medicine’s Evidence-Based Medicine Task Force and is currently working in collaboration with other clinical researchers on The Bottom Line Project, an effort to create brief summaries of high impact research findings for use in physician-patient communication.

Dr. Daniella Zipkin attended medical school at The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and was a Primary Care Resident at Bellevue Hospital Center through the Department of Internal Medicine at New York University. She completed a clinical-educator fellowship at UCSF’s Division of General Internal Medicine before joining the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco as an Attending Physician. Dr. Daniella Zipkin currently lives in Cary, North Carolina.