Danielle Stapleton

Austin TX

hi! i'm danielle and i work for the great state of texas a as a social media strategist. i develop and manage one of the best state agency's social media strategy, alongside a group of creative, talented people.

i'm also a mom and enjoy spending my evenings buying pretend ice cream, playing with legos and reading books to my daughter. i am married to a man who makes me laugh every day and i spend a lot of my free time outside without shoes on.

in the spare time all of that that allows, i have contributed to social media projects like #twitbootcamp and served on the marketing committee of the boys & girls club of georgetown, tx.

a few more things about me:

i firmly believe that laughter makes the world a better place and coffee makes me a better person.

i believe in finding opportunities to link ideas, events, people, problems and solutions. nobody does their best work in a silo and everyone benefits from collaboration.

i welcome the challenge of taking charge of a project and creating something new. i enjoy solving problems and am energized by the prospect of improving or fixing something.

i understand the importance of being flexible, but i will always defend something (or someone) i believe in.

i am enthusiastic about starting new projects; the early stages of an endeavor motivate me. i enjoy generating ideas and support the age-old cliche that “no idea is a bad idea.” ideas become actions and actions get things moving. in my view, action is the best device for learning.

i appreciate honesty and believe that the truth is the best place to begin, even if its unpleasant.

i pride myself on my professional attitude, and combine it with a strong dose of common sense and the ability to maintain a sense of humor. (it’s pretty hard to survive this world without one.)

a few words my my friends and colleagues have used to describe me over the years: leader, humorous, enthusiastic, loyal, straight-forward, passionate, creative. and if you’d like to summarize me into four letters, please use ENFJ.

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