Danielle Campri

Tampa FL

Danielle Campri is a native of Northeastern Mississippi. Growing up in a rural area, she found herself writing poetry and short stories as a past-time. After earning her B.S. in Secondary Education from Mississippi State University, she taught 8th grade for four years in the same middle school she attended when she was a child. Currently, she lives in Tampa, FL and teaches English classes at a local High School. After teaching English Literature for nearly a decade, Danielle Campri recognized that her middle school and high school pupils were interested in hearing science fiction short stories; especially female students. After receiving feedback from students, Campri soon realized there were very few female protagonist in the science fiction genre that teens could relate to. Inspired by the major push of STEM programs in education, she felt the need to introduce female characters who exhibit strengths in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Her first book, Aurelia, was published July of 2013. Volume one of her series Chronicles of Relly Swan was released in 2013. Campri enjoys reading about unique places around the world, scientific discovers, and histories of cultures which inspire many of the settings in her works.

  • Work
    • Educator
  • Education
    • B.S. in Secondary Education from Mississippi State University
    • University of South Florida