Danielle Casanova

Meet the Keeper:

I am a lover of people, poetry, imperfection, and savage beauty. More than anything, I believe in the magic of an authentic story. I hope you find somethng you can relate to or at least learn from in every single one of mine.

Right now I live in Louisiana with my husband, Colton, and our two daughters, but we'll soon be headed back to Kansas, where our story began. And when our kids experience snow for the first time, they'll have all these wonderful southern memories to keep their little toes warm.

In the spirit of going home, I plan to keep up with this area and make it a more welcoming place to visit...put some curtains up...maybe hang a few pictures on the wall. So have a glass of sweet tea, or a cold beer if you're into that sort of thing, and I hope to see you around here more often. Thanks for visiting!