Danielle Cassidy

Hey Pretty Girl,

My name is Dani Cass and it is a pleasure to meet you. This is the beginning of a beautiful (and trendy) friendship. Let me be blunt - I am a very normal, 20-something girl. I am not a model, fashion designer, nor do I work for a fashion magazine. I do not live in Manhattan or a major city. I don't even live in a city. After being relocated for work a year ago I now reside in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Let me state that I DO NOT get my fashion sense from the Amish but the country side inspires me every day.

I believe that a girl can be just as beautiful in Target clothing as they can be in Chanel. I believe confidence is more stunning than any outfit in your closet. The best way to define me is that I am the kind of girl who will wear Christian Louboutins with a dress from H&M. I may start a new 'juice diet' in the morning 'take a break' from dieting to down a burger and fries for dinner. I own a hunting dog (Charlie) who prefers cuddling over birds. My interior decorating style can be described as "Happy" and I appreciate ambiance where ever I go.

My obsessions in this world include Kate Spade, glitter, monogramed everything, Francesca's Boutique, YouTube hair and make-up tutorials, picnics, H&M, vintage inspired dresses, ribbons and bows, bourbon/whiskey drinks, travel, spontaneity, Christian Louboutin, Etsy, Instagram and all things that make this life PRETTY.

I look forward to fashionably growing with you…

With love and glitter,
Dani Cass