Danielle Cerbone

First off, I would like to say and reiterate the fact that I am not a health professional- no psychologist, no life coach, no Dalai Lama. I am just me- a young woman in her early twenties trying to find her way in life and enjoying the journey in the meantime. Although I may not know exactly what career path I would like to take, there is one thing I know for sure. I want to make people happy. I love being around people, meeting new faces, and I LOVE to talk- whether it is to strangers, acquaintances, or to my friends' parents (my friends always want to kill me making sure I do not say too much). You get it- I'm rambling on... but I truly believe if I could talk for a living, I would be one of the wealthiest women alive (Ellen Degeneres- if you ever see this, I NEED TO BE ON YOUR SHOW!)

It is not just the talking aspect that I enjoy (yes, I may like to hear myself talk at times...)- it is getting to know someone on a different level that inspires me. Putting a smile on someone else's face and knowing that I am making that person's day just that much better is what keeps me going. I live for life. But mainly, I live for the people in this life.

To sum it all up- I am writing this blog, positiviD, in hopes of reaching out to others from all over the world, to make an impact in their lives (no matter how big or small), to shed some light on the importance of health and happiness, and to share my story and what I have learned, thus far, throughout my life. I hope this blog, as corny and cheesy as it may be, helps each and every one of you get through the ups and downs of everyday life.