Danielle Holke

Danielle is a digital marketing / social media specialist who likes to play with her kid and make things in her spare time. Hire me!


her family and friends

Elliott Smith


Hank Moody

zombie walks


spinster aunt Jill Psmith, and is aware that this is incompatible with liking Hank Moody


Elliott Smith

Tank Girl


bottle cap jewellery

Comrades in Craft

Ewan MacGregor

the truth

good beer

hot yoga

Finnish films

Value Village

click opera

New Order

Elliott Smith


Elliott Smith being dead

Toilet-top tinklers


those among us who think "bros before hoes" is ok

American Graffiti (why does everyone like this film?)

weak coffee

winter driving

fake food (with the exception of cheesies, chicken balls and the occasional Taco Bell)

long toe nails

bony fingers

self-proclaimed gurus

The Hokey Pokey

intolerance … although… "the tolerance which tolerates only tolerable views is both intolerant and intolerable."

most shoes, likely yours too

Whoopi Goldberg

Joy Division