Danielle Lao

Manila, Philippines

Hello. I'm Danielle Lao, and almost 18 (drum roll, please). I want to create life out of still pictures, but I guess I am on a different path because right now I am studying to become a media-practitioner. I'd like to think that I exist for a reason and the universe has wonders that I can never fathom, hence I decided to put all my thoughts and whims in this little space over the internet.

I have an unbridled passion for books. Reading has led me to so many places that never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought of reaching. It's like a drug, which one does not easily get over with. Music is my second passion. My varied tastes reflect my different and ever-changing moods. I can actually listen to classics and then switch to rock. I know, it's a hard life, getting one mood swing after another.

Before we go on, I must tell you that I don't live a saintly life. I have made tons of mistakes and I have tried a couple of bad stuff. (Well that's up to you to figure out.) I see no reason to judge people because of the bad things they do, because I have been there, and I have felt what it truly feels like. But don't get me wrong, I don't support wrongdoings. I just think that people do things for a reason.

This is my tell-all blog. Thus I have called it "Anatomy of Danielle". In here, I truthfully reveal everything about me. I know it's too self-centered but this is what I'd like to leave behind. Not everyone may be able to read what's in here, but when I'm gone, this is something I will be remembered with. This is a testament of how I lived through this existence.

My mind is bursting with thoughts and I have to get them out. This is the aftermath of that explosion.