Danielle Robbins

Danielle Robbins

um so yea my name is Danielle Robbins im 14 years old and im from illinois:)

i only have like 5 friends

they are katie ally bailey brittany, and tyler

i listed them in the order that i became friends with them

theyre all amazing ad tyler bailey and katie have tumblrs too! you should follow them

tyler- stupidhippo.tumblr.com

bailey- tuxedosquirrel.tumblr.com

katie- blondfourlife.tumblr.com

brittany has one too but i doont know what hers is and we share one

ok so less about my friends thiis is my about me

i am on the internet like 80% of my day im either on instagram or on yumblr but mostly tumblr

i like a lot of different music types but my favorite bands or artists ar- Imagine Dragons, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, One Republic, and 5sos

i am also a big fan of youtubers the ones i watch mainly are - pewdiepie, danisnotonfire, marcusbutlertv, joey graceffa, dicasp, tyleroakley, and itskingsleybitch

i live a pretty normal life my parents arnt divorced, ive lived in the same small house for my whole life , we are planning on moving though because my ad got layed off about 3 years ago and we cant afford it as good as we used to, but we still get by pretty fine. i have a older brother charlie whos 16 and a younger brother Nicholas who is 11... i think idk. i have two dogs scooby and stella and in the past summer my old dog rocco had to be put down bcause he had bone cancer R.I.P rocco. thats really it about my family i guess.

i am also not really teased at school except for on the bus i get called bug boob all the time and they scoop me but that really it i wouldn consider that bulying but more sexual harassment

in my household we really dont hav a religion my father is jewish and my mom is catholic but we never go to church or follow like the rules i guess if thats what their called but we still celebrate christmas and stuff like that but we just dont.....like...yeah i think you get it

um but yeah thats my about byeee

- Danielle