Danielle Zélin

Albion, Black River, Mauritius.

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Sea, sun and beach: Forever Green Island- Mauritius (the picture). This is where I come from and this is where I gathered my personality: bubbly, sunny, refreshing and of course passionate.

Passions: languages, writing, teaching children & adults, philosophy and psychology. Combining my fascination for these subjects, I created myself as I am today: a passionate bilingual language tutor. Newly self-employed, I am delightfully enjoying the versatile teaching schedule I created: Creative English Langauge Adventures for children, private online teaching, special needs language teaching and all that from home...yippee!!! Thanks to my 20 years of rich and fulfilling teaching experiences, knowledge and talents inspiring me to create those tailor made language programs for individuals.

Derived from this freshly started adventure, I've created my website and of course quenching my thirst for writing, I am blogging too about the different fun ways of learning a foreign language.

Even though I am a fluent bilingual, I have a crush on English Language; its manners, sassy personality and intrepid international presence. I love playing with its words, expressions, structure and poetry. I have my series of poems (still waiting to be published) and a children's literature on the way, inspired by life itself and my thrilling human adventure.

  • Work
    • Creative English Teacher to Young Learners
  • Education
    • TESOL Certified (UK)
    • Diploma in Early Childhood Education